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Website URL Submission To Search Engines & Directories Free

How to submit website url to search engines free. bulk blog Submission sites list 2021 and also directory submit to google, yahoo 1500, 1000, 375 seo.


Website URL Submission To Search Engines & Directories Free

Website URL Submission To Search Engines & Directories Free

It is essential to make a general submission to search engines directories. Doing so will help you get indexed more quickly and get higher rankings on search engines.

General Directories
First of all, you must know that a general directory is a web site that offers services to other web sites in exchange for backlinks. These directories usually have a larger number of categories and also offer you a larger link sample.

Reputed General Directories
Major General Directories are Projectiles in which you can submit either links and URL or business card information, and then they review and list the site for you.

Yahoo! Directory
You can use Yahoo! Directory to get more links and exposure in a short period of time. It's free and straightforward to process; however, it can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 months before you get listed.

Open Directory Project
You can use ODP for free as well as for a larger amount of links. The links are reviewed by humans and machines. What's more, the links are machine interlinked, so your site will rank well even if outbound links are not present on your site.

Smaller Directories
There are thousands of free directories out there, ranging from the very large to the tiny—generally, the bigger, the better. You might want to start with smaller directories (most likely less than 50) that cover your specific field and gradually move into the bigger ones. Keep the small directories coming regularly. Consistency is important when submitting to hundreds of directories.

One-way Links
The best way to get quality links is through one-way (non-reciprocal) links. This method has taken off in recent times and is likely to continue for quite some time.

Blog and Forum Commenting
By putting regularly updated comments on relevant blogs and forums, you can obtain one-way links. These links are more valuable than reciprocal links and even micro links. Just be careful of sounding self-promotional.

Article Submission
You can submit articles to various submission sites out there. Not all are free, but some offer valid backlinks and traffic. This method is also good for branding your site and creating name recognition.

Reciprocal Links
Ask relevant sites to swap links. You should ask for a relevant site rather than taking on the entire site with links and losing the site. You can outsource this kind of work if you are not experienced.

Keep Up With Changes
The search engines like new content. You can make the most of this by creating a blog and adding new pages regularly. Make sure you incorporate the keywords you are targeting in the new content.

Article Writing and Submission
Write informative and useful articles and submit them to various article directories and submit your own articles to the likes of Ezine. These directories generally offer links too.

Onsite Optimization
Having your keywords and description meta tag in your page title and using them frequently is an optimal way of onsite optimization.

Offsite Optimization
Although this is less important than it once was, it shouldn't be overlooked.

Social Media
Submitting to directories and sharing your pages on social networks helps drive traffic to your site and build inbound links. These strategies should be undertaken slowly. Putting in all the effort for a successful campaign should be taken into consideration.

Link building has become a major part of most people's SEO campaign. In fact, before some specialists made the big jump into the online marketing world, most websites were built by a small group of interested developers. Today there are thousands of specialists, and the work is probably much more complex and confusing than it once was.

However, several aspects of a successful search engine optimisation campaign are quite straightforward to run. These include creating and optimising your website's coding, using social media to engage with potential clients and starting your very own email marketing campaign.

It takes time, but if you properly plan your campaign and the information you gather, it should prove to be a much more cost-effective marketing investment than any other online marketing type.

Keywords are still an important part of a search engine optimisation campaign, but we have found a better way to build keyword lists. Instead of entering random keywords into a search box, creating unique and relevant content via social media allows users to share and comment on your content, enabling a brand new set of keywords to be added to your toolbox.

This content will create a clear difference in your website's traffic and help you build inbound links.

Websites are for the customer to achieve a solution; these solutions could range from buying a product, making suggestions or sharing their views.

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