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How To Write SEO Friendly Optimized Articles For Beginners

How write/create best seo friendly content/articles in 2018 for blogger or wordpress. Tutorial for writing creating search engine optimization article.
How To Write SEO Friendly Optimized Articles For Beginners 2021
For writing SEO friendly articles, two things must be kept in consideration. The first one is the creation of quality content that engage, entertain and finally drive conversions. While the second one is to make the content reachable to a broad audience. Since most web traffic comes via search engines, creating content optimized for search visibility is one of the best methods to acquire the name across the world. Now, the time is ripe to know about what and how to make an article good? How to write for SEO? The answers for these queries can be had as follows:


 A marketer, who is considered a story narrator, tries to convey the brand's story via different mediums and restructured for various audiences. Now, the need of the hour is to translate this prowess to the page. There are certain best practices for the creation of impressive and enchanting articles.  While writing the articles, strong instances must be used. Since solid and relatable examples give more power to an article. A complete theoretical by availing the case studies when talking about a product’s success or writing much about customer’s story must be avoided.  Finding the points of connection in news or pop culture for giving the reader a frame of reference.  To be precise, this kind of touchable storey narration will go in a long way with the readers than genuine facts or numbers. 


 The fine thing that can be done for the brand is to offer it an inimitable voice. It would be helpful to read the article aloud to observe if it sounds similar to you. Your true voice is one of your greatest assets. The more you sound like a human being, the more people contact you by re-posting, commenting, and finally purchasing the service or product.


It must be ensured that the selected language should be appropriate for whom it is addressing. For instance, writing for a large audience needs to stay away from the non-standard speech. It is advised to keep the paragraphs short and on relevant points.


For crafting a good article, simplicity is mostly required. To address the article is the next piece of the game, that is getting the content for seeing. Using cross-posting and social media, optimization of search engines' content is a proven path to present the work in front of a new audience.


 For creating good SEO friendly content that includes

Choose Organic

By combining obvious, popular SEO keywords into the article are one of the better methods to drive up the recommendations.


It must be ensured to optimize the placement of keywords in the SEO articles by putting them in the titles and subtitles.


Inclusion of images with alt text to get the page, and revealing up the image searches even.

By placing these tips in mind can be made towards a higher SEO ranking within no time. Also, an enhancement to the reputation as a quality content provider is possible. Hence, there is always a winning situation for the brand.

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