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The Role Of SEO To Increase Website Traffic In 2022

Learn What is SEO? Seo Advantage to increase website traffic. On-page and Off-page SEO optimization tools, factors, techniques in hindi checklist.
The Role Of An SEO Company To Increase Web Traffic

The Role of an SEO Company to Increase Web Traffic

Everyone who has a business website should be aware of the importance of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. A website without traffic is like an empty shell, whereas a website that is properly optimized will attract organic traffic, and consequently, increase business. So, why are so many companies not taking advantage of this great marketing tool?

The answer is simple. When business owners decide to promote their business by creating a website, they quite correctly assume that it will automatically draw traffic without them doing anything else. The problem is, quite often, that they believe this. The reality is that, unless you are lucky enough to come across a website that has a checkered search engine ranking and a promising design, then you and your website will get very little traffic. Therefore, the only way to guarantee that people will visit your website is to do certain optimization techniques. These will increase your traffic naturally, as people will find your site when using a search engine, and in that manner will be more likely to become a frequent customer.

An SEO company will be able to take your website and apply the appropriate optimization techniques to bring in more publicity and improve your search engine ranking. The job of an SEO company is to achieve this for you by getting your website properly optimized. A reputable optimization company can be difficult to find. If you know of a company that has quality work, then you can be sure that the SEO Company will be very honest in its promotion of services and will let you down.

There is a variety of different optimization techniques to get your website ranked highly by the search engines. The article given below will explain a few of these techniques. However, before we get started, it is important to note that the list is not definitive and that there are various other things as well that you should consider when doing your optimization.

On-page SEO Optimization:

When we talk about on-page optimization, it means customizing your website so that it is search engine friendly. Actually, it is not only your website that is search engine optimized, but the search engines also have this certain algorithm in mind which they implement in the ranking of your website when a certain keyword is used in the search engine. For example, if your website is about draw pots, then the search engine will automatically put it higher on the list than something like table pots or coffee pots. It is said that the search engines algorithm has a certain percentage of criteria that it uses to rank your website.

To give you an example of the algorithm it is relatively simple: it takes into account the title of your website, the description of your website and the actual written content of your website. The algorithm used is something called Active SEO.

There are two main activities that are involved in search engine optimization: the on-site and the off-site.

In on-site optimization, the following things are done: the website is optimized with certain keywords, the appropriate keyword density is applied, and the HTML coding is also fine-tuned. In this step, you also optimize the website: you put in certain content that is keyword optimized and you organize the codes so that when the search engines read the pages, they get it and read it properly. As a result, when someone gets to your website, he finds it nice and easy to read.

Off-site SEO optimization consists of:

  • Increasing the number of quality backlinks,
  • Increasing the speed of link building,
  • Quality forum and article backlinks,
  • When backlinks from directories or articles are used - either self-created or hosted by the website,
  • The age of the website before the links were archived,
  • Some amount of PageRank.

Why is page rank so important?

Simply because the higher the page ranks are, the more credible your website becomes in the eyes of the search engines.

How can you check the page rank?

You can download and install Google Toolbar, which will display the PageRank of any website that you open in your browser.

How is the PageRank calculated? 

The formula is a bit complicated but the up to date information is available in the Google Webmaster Central forum. They also offer help and support to help you with this process.

In conclusion, page rank is one of many ways to determine how well your SEO work has been. It should be part of your overall Marketing and Business development strategy.

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