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Interested in making money online - Top 6 SEO Tools and Add-ons that help in growing online business

Here are the top 6 seo tools and addons to grow your online website and business free,mozbar,google analytics,copyscape,seers seo toolbox,seoquake,klout for best webpage seo tools 2016
The phrase SEO tool is an umbrella term that includes any piece of software or service which can:
Thinking about an SEO tool? Let me explain briefly what we exactly mean by it and why it is a buzz word as it can :
  • helps in improving the website’s visibility
  • create better content
  • track social media performance
  • research keywords and links
  • garner strategic and competitive intelligence
  • build a credible online brand and
  • grow your website
For these features, SEO tools are an important part of any online entrepreneur’s online business. Fortunately, we have dozens of SEO tools available that covers a vast area of functions.
Below there is a list of 6 of the most popular SEO tools out there, and how they can assist in your online business.

1. MozBar

mozbar seo metrics for each web page
MozBar incorporates valuable SEO metrics for each web page you visit, including domain authority, page authority, on-site HTML elements, and a number of backlinks. If someone is interested in link building, then this is what you have been looking for - most convenient browser extensions that you can ever think of.  It also permits you to highlight the types of links you’re interested in (dofollow, nofollow, internal, and external), as well as determine the website’s location, based on its IP address.

These features are available with the free version of MozBar itself. If you want more services then, for $99 per month, you can get a standard Moz PRO account, which provides access to additional MozBar analytics features, but additionally lets you access the entire Moz toolkit, including a mentions tool, a rank tracking tool, on-page keyword optimization, keyword difficulty and SERP analysis tool, and more.

google analytics detailed statistics for website traffic
Do you know about the internet’s top-rated web analytics and reporting service? You guessed it right, Google Analytics. 

If you want to gather detailed statistics about your website’s traffic and its sources then Google Analytics can prove to be an invaluable tool for online marketers. It actually helps you understand how visitors are interacting with your website.

Google Analytics can identify how long visitor stays on a page, from where they come from, what country they access the website from. Another advantage is its integration with Google AdWords, it can also track conversions, and it’s e-commerce reports can track sales activity.

Google Analytics data is a powerful indicator for potential advertisers as it helps them understand how the Blog or website has been performing and entertains to what kind of audience.

Basic functionality provided by Google is free, whereas the premium version can be accessed for a little annual fee. Google Analytics Premium offers the chance to work directly with Google and obtain more relevant “enterprise-level data.”

copyscape plagiarism checker
Thought about an online plagiarism checker? CopyScape is one such service that checks for plagiarism and duplicate content detection that can be quite helpful if your content is being distributed across the web.

To check if the content has been used elsewhere and republished, Copyscape provides features which can do this job for you. Even if the old content has been repackaged and displayed as something unique and original, can be easily detected by this service. Copyscape functions by matching original content with pages on the internet that contain similar text.

There are multiple services offered with Copyscape. One of these premium services starts at $4.95/month known as the Copysentry service. This service monitors your pages and automatically checks for copies once a week. Another service is provided by Copyscape Premium itself where it charges a nominal amount of 5 cents to perform wide-ranging plagiarism.
seer seo toolbox
This toolbox comes free of cost and is all-in-one based on the self-owned products by SEER. It is designed to accommodate most of the SEO needs. This is basically for online marketers who are not as proficient in technology as technical programmers. For the ease of usage, it works with spreadsheets and not in programming languages. So if you are aware of the basic functions of spreadsheet then you should be all fine using this toolbox.

The all-in-one feature of the SEER toolbox lets you analyse data from different sources like Google Analytics, SEOMoz, Twitter and more. Mashups can be easily created using SEER and you can help you coordinate with your development team better as all of them will be using the same tool.
seoquake is an analytics browser extension
SEOQuake is an analytics browser extension that comes free of cost. The popularity can be guessed by the extension getting downloaded for more than 2 million times. Most of the standard browsers support this extension; the list includes Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

The most popular feature of this extension is the amount of raw data it stores and delivers. It keeps a record of all the relevant parameters and makes a note of Google Page Rank, Google links, Google search information, Google Index, keyword density, Alexa rank, domain IP and more. With all these features it lets you create your own parameters.

This is a great tool with so many features and also helps you understand how popular or useful a website is. The tool is capable to present the view in a single glance. If you’re a newbie of the SEO world, this toolbar helps a lot to learn and start with the basics.

6. Klout

klout social media analysing tool
Have you ever thought about analysing your social media presence? Klout is an application that lets you evaluate your profile and measures your online influence. Once the evaluation is completed this application allocates a numerical value to your profile “Klout score”.

The data used for analysing your social presence is extracted from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Wikipedia and Instagram. It lets you find out your social media circle and also your ability to drive action via the content you create.

The application is intelligent enough to take into account metrics such as retweets, follower counts, likes, subscriptions and memberships. This app acts as an SEO tool for you and helps you in measuring your social media presence and how your followers or audience are responding to the stuff that you publish in the circle. 

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