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How To Make Money From A WordPress Blog? 4 Ways To Monetize

How to make money from a free wordpress blog. Monetize blogger with Adsense and Affiliate marketing, website in 2021 & rules. blogging for beginners.

 How To Make Money From A WordPress Blog? 4 Ways To Monetize

Top Best 4 Ways to Monetize a WordPress Blog In 2021

Managing a blog is far from easy: you need to spend time researching the topics, spend time writing the content, and spend time ensuring everything on your website runs correctly. This is why most people give up on creating a blog relatively quickly because they see no tangible benefit from it, and it takes considerable effort.

One of the main ways you can solve the problem is if you’re making money off your blog. The only ways you can make it sustainable and continue to fund the development of your blog is by creating the incentive of money for yourself. So, how can you monetize your WordPress blog? Read on and find out the main ways you can create effective revenue streams from your blog. 

#1 Display Ads 

One of the easiest and fastest ways to make money off any website is by displaying ads on it. Nowadays, it is really simple and straightforward — you can display ads on your blog in a matter of minutes. 

You need to create a Google account, copy the code, and then add it to your blog while specifying where you want the ads to get displayed, and you’re done. Google will automatically display ads from different clients on your site without needing to strike a deal, which makes the process fast and easy — perfect for beginners. 

The major downsides to this approach are two folds: the pay is far from good. Displaying thousands of ads will only net you a couple of dollars, which won’t be able to cover the costs of your website. The other major downside is that you can’t control what type of ad gets displayed on your website, and this is unacceptable to a lot of people. To get more control over where and what ads get displayed on your website, you should contact a WordPress agency.

 #2 Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is all the rage nowadays and taking off in a massive way. It refers to the practice of adding affiliate, traceable links to certain products from your blog and getting a commission off of each sale. It is a good way to earn some extra money when starting up, and you’ll have complete control over the type of product you promote. 

It is not hard either. To successfully sign up for an affiliate program, you just need to visit the business’s website, sign up to their affiliate program, copy your unique affiliate link, and add it somewhere on your website where you know people will click. It is that simple and straightforward, and the earning potentials triumph that of simply displaying ads. 

#3 Directly Deal with Companies 

There are many businesses out there who would love to pay you money to divert traffic to their website, and striking a deal with companies is more beneficial to both sides rather than going through a third party like Google, and it will help both sides earn more money. 

The major downside is that you need to be in constant communication with these businesses and ensure they stay happy and get their money’s worth. It can be a hassle that would eat up hours of your time each month. 

#4 Create Courses and Sell Your Expertise 

Lastly, by establishing your expertise in a certain field, you’ll get many interesting emails about ways people can learn and establish themselves in your sector as well. This is a potential opportunity to monetize your blog further by offering your expertise as a paid course. If you manage to truly establish yourself as an authority figure in the sector, your course will definitely sell

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