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Free Resources to Promote Your Online Business In 2022

How to advertise my local business online for free on google in India. Creative ways to advertising ideas for your business in the community in 2021.

 Free Resources to Promote Your Online Business In 2021

Free Resources to Promote Your Online Business In 2022

When starting a small business online, you don’t want to be paying out a lot of money. Especially as often, an online business is a side job rather than the main one you do. Many people start an online business to earn more money as they struggle to cope with high rents and extortionate bills. We are here to help. Here is our list of free resources to help promote your online business.

Google Business Profile

Create and verify your Google Business profile; click here to be directed straight to the site

Google Business is a major step in the right direction for small businesses. All you need to register is your website and your business postal address. They send you a verification postcard within four days, and your business is then up and running and discoverable on Google.

Google is currently giving away £80 free advertising credit to everyone who signs up, which is a great way to get started advertising with Google.

Logo Creator

Google Business will ask you to add a logo to your profile so that you are more discoverable. You can create one absolutely for free at logocreator.io. It is an easy-to-use tool with templates and designs that are fit for every business. Create it in minutes and add it to your Google Business profile.


Set up a WordPress account for free. Your account will come with a whole bunch of templates and resources to use. This will be the basis for your business blog, and it costs nothing. Write and produce great content for your business and post it on your social sites to drive more traffic to your business and raise your business up through the Google rankings.

Yoast Plug-In

The Yoast Plug-In is amazing for WordPress users who struggle with SEO marketing. They provide users with a whole list of features to help advertise your site and your content in the most optimised way possible.


Siteliner is a great free tool that allows you to paste in your website’s URL and scan your whole site to determine how it compares with the rest of the internet. Check out what percentage more or less you have of words, content, links and your average page load time.

Small Biz Trends Headline Generator

Creating new headlines for content can be a struggle once you get going. This headline generator enables you to type in a keyword and develop hundreds of results for headlines ideas you can use.


UnSplash is one of many free-to-use image sites. It works by contributors adding their photos and stating that they are royalty-free. There are hundreds of images available, all of which you can use on your content, website, or any marketing you need. It can be a highly effective way of sourcing high-quality images without hiring a professional photographer.


A great way to see if anyone is using your website or pages online is to enter the URL into Copyscape. This can be a great way of monitoring your marketing and ensuring that you find out rapidly if someone is doing something they shouldn’t be with your website.

There are many more free resources online to help small businesses. If you use them, make sure you aren’t signing up for hidden fees and always checking the site's quality once you visit it. Many provide free trials, which can be great as an option for testing the waters and seeing what multiple resources can offer you before diving in and paying for them.

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