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How To Change The Color Of Address Bar In Mobile Browser

Learn to change android phone,ipad,iphone,mozilla firefox browser address bar color in blogger,wordpress,blogspot,wp with trick and match with website design. Show your blog color in mobile place where link write and paste in chrome.
How To Change The Color Of Address Bar In Mobile Browser

How to change The Color Of Address Bar In Android & Iphone Browser

This tutorial is easy however essential, particularly for tremendous perfectionists about blog design. Have you ever seen it, when opening a website or blog on a cellphone, the colour of the address bar of the browser changed .

To change the colour of the browser address bar in Android and iPhone, it is easy. Simply add a number of lines of code in your blog  HTML template settings. Change the highlighted color code as desired.

How to Install Browser Color Changing on Blogger

  • Enter the Dashboard
  • Select "Template"
  • Select "Edit HTML"
  • Copy the below code and  paste it directly above the code </head>
  • Finally, don't forget to "Save".
<!-- Bloggersstand - Change Colors for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari  -->
<meta content='#990099' name='theme-color'/>
<!-- Bloggersstand - Change Color For Windows Phone -->
<meta content='#990099' name='msapplication-navbutton-color'/>
<!-- Bloggersstand - Change Color For iOS Safari/iphone/ipad -->
<meta content='yes' name='apple-mobile-web-app-capable'/>
<meta content='#990099' name='apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style'/>
<!-- / Bologersstand Change Colors End -->
Note: Please change the highlighted color code with your desired color. You can choose the colour codes from Color code chart, Color wheel picker and Flat UI.

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