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How to Master Working With Layers In Adobe Illustrator In 8 Simple Steps

A Step-by-Step Guide to Working With Layers In Adobe Illustrator in easy steps.Become an expert and best tutorial tricks to work design in photoshop.
How to Master Working With Layers In Adobe Illustrator In 8 Simple Steps


How to Use Layers In Adobe Illustrator

Layers are used to keep track of all the elements in an artwork. The layer panel makes it easy to select, lock, hide or change the artwork by stacking the layers. 

Let’s begin the process of using Layers while preparing an artwork.

1. We will first select the layer panel from the Windows as shown below –

2. Now, we need to understand the working of the Layer panel.

Visibility – We can either keep the layer content visible or hide it by clicking the eye.

Lock – At times, we may not need to edit an object anymore. So we can just click the blank space and lock the layer. Later, if needed, we can unlock it by clicking the lock again.

Triangle – If the triangle appears, it means the layer contains some artwork or any guide. A layer without any triangle shows the layer is empty.

Naming – By double-clicking the option, you can rename the layer as per your convenience.

Target – The targeted layer shows that the layer is editable from the Appearance panel. When a layer is targeted, the single lined circle becomes a double-lined circle. 

3. Now we will prepare an illustration of a Tribal crown by working on different layers. Let us start with the outline of a crown having feathers attached. As you can see, layer 1 contains the outline at present. In the next step, I will fill the outlined area with #000000 and start designing the artwork for the next layer.

4. Create some feathers along the edges of the black base of the crown in the second layer. We will fill the feathers with different colors and add some more elements to decorate the crown.

5. Adding more tribal look to the crown will make it look more beautiful. So, check my next step below. I hope you like the elements. I have added more elements in the 3rd layer.

6. In the next layer, we will be adding details to the previously created feathers and add some more hanging feathers.

7. Now add some extra highlights to the feathers and tribal elements and you are done.

8. So, we will get this crown as the final design. I renamed the layers to keep the track about the content in each layer.

I hope it is easier for you to work using layers in Adobe Illustrator now. You can definitely explore a lot more options in the layer panel. I will keep posting on other different tools. Do let me know if you have any query in the comment section. 

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