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How To Create Clipping Mask In Adobe Illustrator

Learn step by step guide to create clipping mask or hide objects image in adobe illustrator. Photoshop tips and tricks to draw mask on any image.

How To make Clipping Mask In Adobe Illustrator

How To Draw Clipping Mask In Adobe Illustrator

Today I will be showing you how to mask or hide object(s) with the help of another object by clipping. It is very simple to use, and it helps you to prepare more professional designs.

Let us start the process of Clipping Mask.

1. I will choose an image from the internet to show you the process clipping mask.

2. Let us now draw a shape to mask the base image.
3. Select both the image and the shape. Make sure, the shape is placed on top.

Now, either you can go to Object -> Clipping Mask ->Make.
Or, simply right click on the selected objects and click on Make Clipping Mask.
4. So, the final masked image looks like the image below.

5. Similarly, we can mask text using another object. The steps are the same. Instead of an image, I will be using text.
6. Now create a circle on top of the text and select both the elements.
7. Our next step is to make the clipping mask either going to the object and then selecting the Make Clipping Mask option, or just using the short cut by a right-click and selecting the Make Clipping Mask directly.
8. So, the resultant masked text looks like –
These variations of clipping masks are required widely in the field of graphic designing, whether it is banner, poster, advertisement or even any website or any kind of design.

I will be back with another post for you. Do let me know if you have any suggestion or feedback in the comment section.

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