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How To Create Pattern In Adobe Illustrator In Simple Steps

Beginners Tips & tricks to design your own repeat patterns,swatch in adobe illustrator. A simple guide to learn use of photoshop visuals & image edit.

 How To Create Pattern In Adobe Illustrator

How To Use Patterns In Adobe Illustrator 

Patterns are very much appealing in the field of designing. This tool allows us to think endlessly to create our own seamless textures.

Let’s begin the process of using Repeating Patterns Swatch.

1. We will start with a shape that we want to repeat in the pattern.

2. Firstly, we will create a pattern with the above shape. Minimize the shape created and select it. Go to Object - Patterns - Make.

3. A dialogue box will appear asking for the pattern to be added to swatches. Click Ok.

4. You can adjust the values from the options. Like, I used 3X3 copy pattern. Click Done shown above. Remove the drawn shape from the artboard, as the tile has been saved in the swatch.

5. Now, selecting the swatch, draw any shape, for example, a rectangle. The pattern will appear in the Color Fill box.

I have chosen an easy shape for the beginners in this post. I will come up with some more variety of using the pattern tool in Adobe Illustrator.

Let me know if you liked it, or would you recommend any suggestion for this post. I will be looking forward to your feedback.

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