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Top SEO Plugin Every WordPress Blog Must Have In 2022

Best top 20 wordpress plugin to install in your blog or website. WP most popular tools to get rank in google first page easily by using these plugins for free.
Want to install the best SEO plugins that could increase your visibility? Well, here’s a list that could help you decide!

Top Best SEO Plugins Every WordPress Blog Must Have In 2022

1. Yoast

Top SEO Plugin Every WordPress Blog Must Have In 2021
Yoast is an all-in-one plugin that can help you in two ways: create better content and optimize your site. Once installed and activated, it will assist you as soon as you create a new post. You can use it to edit titles and meta descriptions, determine the number of no-follow links and your Flesch Reading Ease score.

2. RankMath


This other all-in-one plugin comes with a library of SEO tools. With everything you need to

Attract traffic just at arm’s length. RankMath will help you be a power player. Its features include Google Search Console (GSC) Integration, LSI Keyword Tool, and Advanced SEO Analysis.

3. SEO Squirrly

SEO Squirrly

What makes Squirrly a trendsetter in SEO is that it optimizes your site for search engines and humans. It helps you with blogging, keyword research, SEO audit, and more. With all of its white hat techniques, it can increase your organic traffic by 285% (at least).

4. The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework
The SEO Framework is the starting point that you need to elevate your SERPs position (search engine result pages). It has an AI functionality that automatically optimizes your site. And if you have a privacy policy, it respects it by cloaking your information.

5. WP Rocket

WP rocket
If you’re after a user-friendly plugin, go with WP Rocket. It targets your site’s speed and tweaks it for the better. As a caching plugin, it helps you by compressing data and optimizing your database.

6. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache
W3 Total Cache will help you improve the speed of your website. If you have a slow-loading
the site, this plugin will come to your rescue! It features a content delivery network. It can also offer you up to 80% savings in bandwidth.

7. Swift Performance

Swift Performance
Swift Performance is another caching plugin that can boost your site speed. Its features include Advanced Caching, Intelligent LazyLoad, and Unlimited Image Optimization. This plugin will work its magic for you by focusing on the user experience. So once your visitors are happy, search engines will then follow their lead – and soon enough, so will you!

8. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights wp plugin
Connecting your site with Google Analytics can help you make data-driven decisions. And
MonsterInsights is the ideal plugin for that! All you need to do is install it and enable its one-click features!

9. All-in-One WP Security & Firewall

All-in-One WP Security & Firewall
Adding an extra layer of security and firewall will make your WordPress-based site even more secure. Well, All-in-One WP Security and Firewall does just that.
This plugin will inform you of any vulnerabilities. This will also help you get to know the latest
security techniques recommended by WordPress!

10. WP Touch

Wp touch
WP Touch will make your site more responsive. Not only will it let mobile users access your site with ease. But it will also improve its functionality!

11. YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin)

YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin)
When you publish your current entry, YARPP does its magic using an advanced algorithm. Like its name suggests, it helps you by displaying yet another related post. This includes pages and custom post types, too!

12. Google XML Sitemaps

 Google XML Sitemaps
For a WordPress user who wants to be on the good side of search engines, installing Google XML Sitemaps is the way to go. What this free plugin does is create XML sitemaps for you. With a sitemap, you’re helping search engines index your site better. Thus, identifying your site’s structure is much easier for crawlers, too!

13. AddThis

Add This wordpress seo
To help you fuel your game in social media marketing, AddThis is the best SEO plugin. With the share, follow, and related posts button, you can use this to drum up your on-site engagement. It promises a quick and easy installation, too!

14. Clarify

Clarify is a universal WordPress plugin. In just 5 minutes, it can get rid of unnecessary website code, fix vulnerabilities, glitches and bugs, and speed up indexing. The result, of course, is better WordPress for you.

15. WP Meta SEO

WP Meta SEO will help you focus on crafting the best metadata. You can use it by bulk editing metadata. It comes with winning features such as live SEO analysis, HTML image resizing, and email reports of SEO and Google Analytics data, too.

16. Easy Table of Contents

Easy Table of Contents wordpress seo
Easy Table of Contents is the plugin for site owners who want to offer a great user experience to visitors. It automatically creates a TOC for posts, pages, and custom post types. It comes with many easy-to-understand configuration options, too!

17. All-in-One Schema

All-in-One Schema wordpress seo
To look attractive in the eyes of search engines, All-in-One Schema Rich Snippets is what you need to install. With it, you can implement schema types easily. And apart from raising your appeal to search engines, it increases click-through rates, too!

18. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker wordpress seo
Broken Link Checker is the plugin for you if you’re building a quality link profile. It will check your blog and notify you if it stumbles upon broken external or internal links. And it allows you to directly edit a broken link from the plugin page.

19. Redirection

Redirection  wp seo
Another WordPress plugin that will help you with link building is Redirection. It will help you by managing redirects and tracking 404 errors. With it, you can set up redirects and avoid different technical SEO issues.


So these best WordPress SEO plugins are what you need to let your site make waves. Increasing visibility isn’t always easy. With these tools, though, it can be!

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