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Using Ad Targeting To Increase Conversions Through Facebook

How to make best strategy to reach your advertisements to audience by targeting users from facebook and generate more revenue from your audience.
Using Ad Targeting To Increase Conversions Through Facebook

Using Ad Targeting to Extend Conversions Through Facebook

More than 90 percent of marketers use Facebook regularly as part of their strategies, but many of them aren’t fully leveraging the tools offered by the platform. It can seem intimidating at first, but you don’t have to be a Facebook advertising agency to take full advantage of what the social media site has to offer. Facebook provides a wide ranging suite of ad targeting features designed to make every impression count and maximize your click-through rate.

With effective use of Facebook’s ad targeting tools, you can put your advertisements in front of users likely to be interested and engaged by your brand’s value. These tips will help you understand and utilize ad targeting to its fullest potential in order to help your brand’s ad campaigns succeed.

Use Google Analytics for Facebook Ads

Google Analytics offers a variety of marketing analytic features that can be used to monitor the success of your ads and improve on your existing approach. Without the insight offered by Google Analytics, your brand will be working with limited information and unable to make fully informed marketing decisions.

Google Analytics is an especially valuable resource if you’re planning to send ads to the general population of Facebook users, instead of just those who have previously engaged with your brand. Reports from Google Analytics will give you information about your audience that can be used to target new Facebook populations.

Facebook Audience Insights

Like Google Analytics, Facebook’s Audience Insights can be used by a skilled marketer to efficiently target the right groups of users. The simplest option available with Audience Insights is targeting users who have already liked your page, but more advanced tools can be used to find those who haven’t yet engaged with your brand.

Importing your email list or other information will allow you to create a Facebook Custom Audience. With information from Google Analytics, however, you can use Audience Insights to discover users who match characteristics of your existing audience and are therefore likely to be interested in your brand.

Limit Frequency

Facebook allows you to measure the success of your ad campaigns using a wide cross-section of metrics, but many marketers overlook the importance of the frequency analytic. Frequency represents the number of times an average user has seen a given advertisement.

Marketing research indicates that multiple impressions are generally required before a user will show interest in an advertisement, but a frequency above about three typically indicates diminishing returns. Once an ad has been to the same group of people four or five times, it’s probably a good idea to move on and either change up your content or target a new audience altogether.

Facebook marketing can have an incredibly powerful effect on your sales and a very strong ROI, but it’s also a complicated platform with many tools and features to learn and master. These tips will help you become more comfortable with the advanced tools of Facebook marketing, allowing you to separate your brand from the competition and make every dollar of your ad budget count.

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