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How To Fix Mixed Content Error Over HTTPS In Blogger

How to remove mixed content error from blogspot template. Fixed blogger HTTP to HTTPS errors of theme.tutorial on fixing of https secure green sign mixed content error.
Hello Friends, in previous post we have already shared How to Enable HTTP to HTTPS in blogger custom domain. and How to Submit HTTPS property to google search console in webmaster.Today we are going to tell you How to remove mixed content error on blogger template after turning on http to https on website. 

If you have enabled HTTPS setting on your blog then you must check your website does not have any mixed content error, In case of mixed content problem occurs then the HTTPS will be in gray instead of green secure padlock sign.look below in the picture:
1: Gray Exclamation Sign of Not Secure becuase of Mixed Content
gray exclamation sign of not secure https mixed content error

2: Green Padlock Sign of Secure because no Mixed Content error (All Mixed Content error removed)
green padlock sign mixed content error fixed removed

Mixed content error comes becuase of your website or blog still using some HTTP, Js Files, images, videos etc. Mixed content can be found in inside the template, widgets, plugins etc. Fixing of Mixed content is very easy anyone can fix this problem in minutes, AMP template users does not find any mixed content becuase amp use only HTTPS source.

How to remove mixed content error from blogger template

mixed content error can be removed easily.however removing method of mixed content is same for everyone. To fix the mixed content we need to look source code of the blog or website and from there we need to remove all HTTP to HTTPS. You can inspect these points from by doing following method in google chrome:

go to right side top corner click on three dots>more tools>Developer tools>Console or sources.

When you click on console your automatic sources will open so you can use any option.

After visiting developer tools you will see two types error one in yellow colour and another one in red color, you need to fix those error where it's written mixed content and after when you have fixed the error your blog will show green colour sign of secure SSL.look below picture how error looks:

mixed content error on blogger template
you can see HTTP is showing under the mixed content error. You just need to visit your blog edit html and remove HTTP to HTTPS. That's it folks !

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