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Count Characters In Meta Description & Post Titles

Title and description are the main component of post and play great role in SEO. Google always prefer long tail keywords but within limit of words. Google always prefer through titles which have maximum matched keywords according to searched by user. But don't means that use excess number of keywords in post title because it have bad impact on SEO. Lengthy titles are not easy to understand even not gadder the attention of user. Google title having excessive keyword limit so they always show front 55-60 characters available in post title. In case if you use excess characters then after the limit crossed Google hide that words with dots and make then as a broken.
So it is necessary to always use those keywords which are useful only. It don't means that always make title on for search engine. Always choose which is easily understandable and having within character limit. But sometimes if you crossed title limit just to make your Title meaningful then its not an issue. Few more keywords than max search limit does not have any bad impact on SEO. If you also using meta description feature for each post then meta description having max character limit.

Old Metadata Character Limits

Title Tags = 70 characters
Meta Description = 150 characters

New Google Metadata Character Limits

Title Tags = 55 characters
Meta Description = 115 characters

To count the number of your Characters you can use the BloggersStand Tool below. This tool counts the number of letters as well as spaces.