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How To Install Schema.Org Markup On Blogger Menu System

tutorial on adding schema.org markup on blogger website menu navigation.learn trick to add/create blogspot menu navigation with schema markup website.verify on google structured data testing tool.
Add Schema.org markup in blogger website navigation menu
Hello Folks, Today in this article we are going to explain How to Install Schema.org Markup On Blogger Menu Navigation.We have already shared topics on Schema.org.Implementing all Schema.org language tags in your blogger template will surely increase your ranking in Alexa. Because Schema.org vocabulary special created for understand the website or blogs important parts and better way to index them on google.Adding schema markup in blogger navigation is very easy to understand and install.If you add schema.org markup that means you have declared your menu items to google.In order to check your Schema.org navigation is installed perfectly you must visit google data structured testing tool https://developers.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool/ and check your site navigation schema markup if all things installed correctly you can see that your schema.org working good , look below for example:
Add schema.org markup website navigation system on blogger template
In the above image you can see that all good with right tick that means everything is working smoothly.And look in above image you can clearly see that there is showing site navigation elements (2).It's displaying two because we have two website navigation menu installed in our website,if you have one  then it will display one site navigation element in google structured data testing tool.So you must add or create schema.org markup on blogger menu/navigation in order to help google search engine result to understand your markups for menu.To Add schema.org markup on website menu you must follow the steps below.

How to Create/Add Schema Markup On Blogger Menu

Installation Steps:
Step 1. Log in to your Blogger account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard.
Step 2. Now Click on -> Template -> Edit HTML.
Step 3. Now Search for the <nav id='topnav'> tag this is the most common used tag for navigation menu,if it's different in your case just replace with your menu tag.
Step 4. Now Replace <nav id='topnav'> with the below Schema.org markup, points to remember if your menu tag is different use that.
<nav id='topnav' itemscope='itemscope' itemtype='http://schema.org/SiteNavigationElement' role='navigation'>
you can see in above code snippet we have added schema.org markup in it.

Step 5. Now we are going to add schema markup on navigation menu items.Just below the <navid='topnav'> you can see your menu item list , before installing schema.org markup in your blogger template,it will look like this:
<li><a href='URL of Menu Item'  title='Title For Item'><span>Blogging</span></a></li>
Now we have added schema.org markup in the menu item list replace all the menu items with the schema.org markup,now it will look like this:
<li><a href='Your URL of Menu Item' itemprop='url'  title='Title For Item'><span itemprop='name'> Blogging</span></a></li>
If you want you can remove the title because it's not compulsory. But removing the title of the menu items will not change anything in your SEO but yeah if you keep it ,i 'm sure it will enhance your navigation menu system.:)

Step 6. Now Save your template.Done !

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