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Own a high tech Gaming Mouse? Put to a more productive use in creating Videos and Photo editing

High tech gaming mouse to create videos and photos editing,best for website designers because these mouse have lots of shortcut keys of keyboard.
Own a high tech Gaming Mouse? Put to a more productive use in creating Videos and Photo editing
Looking for improved productivity, why not go for the gaming devices  — they usually have macro buttons embedded which lets you to set special commands for. The gaming mouses are especially great, as the extra programmable buttons are capable so much more in one click that keyboard shortcuts may take multiple actions to achieve.

For sure, there is going to be no replacement of some good old tricks, solid keyboard shortcuts. Although it is not a bad idea, if there’s no shortcut for an action you want to perform, or you would just like to program one of your gaming mouse’s many buttons to do the whole command for you. The team there focused on the Corsair K95 keyboard and the M95 mouse, both of which have a load of programmable buttons they could quickly modify applications like Adobe Premiere Pro or Photoshop. Some examples:
Here is one such simple example. One of the buttons on my M95 is configured to CTRL+K which cuts the clip where the play-head is located.
high tech gaming mouse
Another more exciting example is what I did when I had to edit a movie with many slow-mo sequences. Regularly, I would have to hit CRTL+R to access the speed dialog, then press 50% and enter. For every single clip, I made a short script and assigned it to a button. This made slo-mo-ing a clip very fast, and being a repetitive job, it really saved a lot of time.” You can save a lot of time — and get a better return on your investment in that pricey PC gaming hardware — by putting it to good use at work as well as at play. Just think on your repetitive actions and assign a macro for them.

Here are some more ideas for shortcuts both on the keyboard and the mouse:

  • nesting a clip ([the shortcut you assigned]>enter)
  • Ripple delete (d>Ctrl+Backspace)
  • Nudge a clip up/down (alt+up/down)
  • Cut/copy/paste (Ctrl+x/c/v)
configuration and features of high tech gaming mouse

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