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How To Add Fixed Responsive Adsense Floating Box In Footer

learn trick to create a fixed position advertisement box install a footer ads widget gadget inside blogger template,responsive adsense ads box with close button.
How To Add Fixed Responsive Adsense Ads Floating Box In blogger Footer template
Hello,Today in this article we are going to explain How to Add Responsive Floating Adsense Ads Widget In Blogger Template.Everyone think that if they will add adsense code in popup box adsense will cancel their account at same time after verification.And whoever is thinking this are absolutely correct.But our floating ads widget is different and you can use adsense ads in this box we still  say we are not liable for your account suspension if you add this box and your account will get suspended in anyway. If you add adsense ads or any other ads and box position is fixed then there is no problem in installing blogger footer fixed responsive ads box inside blogger template.After embedding ads box you can double your revenue from your website.Look below for example how this box looks with close button.
insert adsense ads in blogger footer responsive box position fixed
You can clearly see close button above the ads in red color,so whenever you want to close just click on that button and it will not appear again unless and until you will close your webpage and again open.When you add floating ads box in your blogger template the ads will appear on the edge of desktop/laptop/mobile screen unless and until they will not close it.There is a close button on the ad to close it at anytime if you don't want to show.However we recommend this responsive ads box with close button in blogger template to display ads from other network.and if you want to add adsense before adding you must go and read the terms and conditions of applying adsense ad units in websites.You can Also Display any links,Your Another website blog link anything in this responsive floating box.So to grab this trick just follow the steps mentioned below.

How to add a responsive floating ads box in blogger footer

installation steps:

Step 1. Log in to your Blogger account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard.
Step 2. Now Click on -> Template -> Edit HTML.
Step 3. Now Search for the closing </body> tag and now copy the below code and paste it just above </body> it.
<script type='text/javascript'>
$(document).ready(function() {$(&#39;img#closed&#39;).click(function(){$(&#39;#bl_banner&#39;).hide(90);});});
<div id='fixedbox' style='width:100%;margin:auto;text-align:center;float:none;overflow:hidden;display:scroll;position:fixed;bottom:0;z-index:999;-webkit-transform:translateZ(0);'>
<div><a id='close-fixedbox' onclick='document.getElementById(&apos;fixedbox&apos;).style.display = &apos;none&apos;;' style='cursor:pointer;'><img alt='close' src='http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-_A83iDM6JYc/VhtxROLILrI/AAAAAAAADK4/aM4ikIA6aqI/s1600/btn_close.gif' title='close button' style='vertical-align:middle;'/></a></div>
<div style='text-align:center;display:block;max-width:728px;height:auto;overflow:hidden;margin:auto'>
<a href='#' title='Bloggersstand Author Image'><img style='max-width:100%;height:auto;vertical-align:middle;' alt='Bloggersstand.com' src='http://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-jjffSYMrIe0/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAACaE/nOLbYgELjwE/s80-c/photo.jpg'/></a>


  • To change the width of the box ,change 728 with your desired width.
  • To Add the Adsense inside the box or any other network ads remove the above highlighted lines and paste your code over there.
Step 4. Now Save your Template..Done !!  


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