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And then, there was a Google Sandbox

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What the heck is Google sandbox ??

Let’s say you just launched a new website with a new domain and its links are still not showing up in Google search engine. What might be happening, looks like you probably are experiencing the Google sandbox. Here are some of the symptoms of Google sandbox:
  • I just bought domain and no backlinks are showing for website
  • I just made a new website and no links are showing
  • My new website is not ranking on Google

Google Sandbox 2.0 i.e. “Google Waiting Period”

When a brand new site on a brand new domain is launched, it gets placed into what SEO professionals have dubbed the Google Sandbox. The Google Sandbox result is theory that exists among webmasters on the web that web content on new domain names rank poorly within the SERP (search engine result page) although they need a high page rank. The sandbox are on new domain names for a amount from 3-8 months. The months in sandbox is simply speculation and will be anyplace from three months to six months from reports by seo researchers.

The Google Sandbox is for new domains, not new sites

The difference between a domain that’s six months old versus one year old is really not that big at all. As long as you’ve been around for at least a couple of months, you should be able make sure that you can show up in search results. I read it somewhere that “there is some difference between a domain that’s six months old and one that’s 12 months old, but the difference at that point is incredibly small. The important thing is to wait out those first few month.”

Looking for a rank, even in the Google Sandbox

You can still rank your website even if Google is toilsome on your new site by putting it within the Sandbox. You can completely build a different website on a different domain and still rank well in Google — however you’ll need to choose the keywords for which there is lesser competition in the web. This will make the visibility stronger of the data being published.
Another way:
Why not get a existing domain that has already been linked to a website for some time. To do this you need to take care if it is relevant to your area and not penalised or has a bad scamming rapport. This can be quickly achieved by checking in search engines like Google. All you have to do is search for the Site:http://www.thedomain.com (domain is the one you are checking about) and then it will display all the backlinks related to this website.
Or you can just check it here: https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/
moz open site explorer

Acquire links from authoritative sites

Plan ahead– contrary to the general practice of launching a site when it is absolutely complete, launch a couple of pages, when you have them. This will start the clock and time will be running parallel to your site development efforts.
Try to get a boost up of some sort in social shares and this will help validate the links which your site has recently got.
Even if you are in Google Sandbox, it is constantly being indexed by Google. The website is still a part of google’s index. Not just the number and quality of the links embedded in your website matter, the age of these also play an important role. This play a vital role in determining your site’s TrustRank. The day a link to your website is published, Google awards your site only a particular piece of the total TrustRank that link possesses.

Doing nothing wrong, Even then website or blog is not ranking as expected :

My site was ranking well and then suddenly vanished from the rankings ? What did I do wrong ? Such types of issues usually indicate either of these – 
  • There are low quality backlinks and those backlinks have been removed from the link index (and indeed open site explorer shows zero quality backlinks for your site),  
  • Your site has duplicate content, spun content, shallow content, or too many ads, or is suffering a manual penalty.

To summarize it's best to form and build the authority links and in a very natural manner over time. If the backlink profile shows a promising steady rise as most sensible blogs would be, with a combination of social shares etc. then you shouldn’t be having any problems rising slowly out of the sandbox and ascension the slippery mountain known as google search engine.

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