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How To Enable Review Schema.Org Star Ratings In Blogger

enable rich snippets for reviews,ratings.Learn how to install create review schema markup star ratings in blogger post page.tutorial on adding review ratings reviewed style trick in google search engine to display rating in serp for blogger template.
How To Add Review Schema.Org Star Ratings In Blogger post page template

What is Schema Markup

One of the most recent evolutions in SEO is termed schema markup. This new variety of optimization is one among the foremost powerful.Schema markup is code [semantic vocabulary]. If you have ever used rich snippets,you will  perceive precisely what schema markup is all regarding.

Today we are going to explain how to add schema markup review rating in blogger template.In previous post we have already talked about how to install schema markup in website or blog.You might have seen in google search result page ,when you search for some hotels,website,company,movies etc. there google first show the review with star ratings,item reviewed by etc.review stars ratings display just below the title of the product that is just because of the schema markup review rating.but you have ever thought that you can install review ratings for the product,thing in your blogspot theme? After implementing review ratings in your blog it will helps your website to index in better way.Now days google search engine is preferring those websites in which schema review markup is installed.However after installing review ratings in your blogger template it will take some time to display until google robots crawl your page and send information to SERP and google will start indexing your post with schema reviews.The result will look like this:
How to install review schema star ratings widget in blogger template

Most of the websites still don't have markup installed in their templates.we are providing tutorial in very easy steps to implement schema review markup in blogger.we have also a detailed tutorial on how to install google schema meta tags in blogger template,you must first check that meta tags is installed or not it's very important for the search engine optimization.Before installing schema review rating trick you must check that your blog is valid for HTML5 version or not.Below is the link to check your Schema markup is installed correctly or not.
After checking by visiting above url if you don't find any error that means your blog is ready to install review schema in your blogger template.

Advantage of Installing Review Schema In Blogger Template

The website for schema markup.org, was created by a  team from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.When a web site has schema markup installed, readers will see within the SERPs what a web site is all regarding.The higher rankings can be explained by the fact that webmasters who use Schema.org integration are one step ahead of the competition.It makes search engine to provide more accurate data. It tells search engine, what your business is about.Schema markup helps your web site rank higher for all types every kind of content types.There are lot's of schema data markup few and important one from among all of them are provided below:
  • Articles
  • Local businesses
  • Restaurants
  • TV episodes and ratings
  • Book Reviews
  • Movies
  • Software Applications
  • Events
  • Products
  • And Many More..
So let's skip the tutorial and head towards to install schema review markup in blogger template.To grab this trick just follow the steps mentioned below.

How to install review schema markup in blogger template

Installation Steps:

Step 1. Log in to your Blogger account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard.
Step 2. Now Click on -> Template -> Edit HTML
Step 3. Now Search for the <data:post.body/> tag you will find 2-3 times we will stop at third one (in my template case) your may be different one, now copy the below code and paste it just above/below <data:post.body/> tag.
<div itemscope='' itemtype='http://data-vocabulary.org/Review' style='display:none;'>
<span itemprop='itemreviewed'><data:post.title/></span>
<span itemprop='reviewer'><data:post.author/></span>
<span itemprop='rating'>5</span> of 5
<div itemprop='description'><data:post.snippet/></div>
We have provided basic review ratings schema markup,there is another way to add schema review markup that is little different and highly recommended to advance users,however if you want that one we will explain in our another tutorial.

Step 4. Now Save your template..Done

Now visit  https://developers.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool/ and fetch your url and check in your post pages there you can see review schema markup in testing tool.

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