Leadeo V1.5.1 WordPress Plugin for Video Marketing

Free download latest version of Leadeo V1.5.1 WordPress Plugin for Video Marketing
Did you know that using video on your landing page can increases conversions by up to 80%? And on sales pages up to 46%? Leadeo can help you get more leads and more sales from people who watch video on your blog.

Imagine this scenario You created valuable and useful video for your target audience. You shared that video with your social media following, your email list, you ran some ads. People are watching your video and they love it!

Now, based on your desired goal with the video, imagine if people could: - Sign up for your mailing list to get a freebie
  • - Contact you
  • - Share something smart you said on the video
  • - Share the video with their friends or
  • - Click your call-to-action button
Imagine if you could show them the desired call to action at the exact time you want, and at the exact time they’re most excited to take action!