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Tweet Wheel Pro - Fully Automated Content Tweeting For WordPress Plugin

Free Download latest version of Tweet Wheel Pro - Fully Automated Content Tweeting For WordPress Plugin,updated on codecanyon 2015
Free Download latest version of Tweet Wheel Pro - Fully Automated Content Tweeting For WordPress Plugin
Tweet Wheel Pro plugin helps you to share your WordPress posts, pages, products and any post type on Twitter automatically without your supervision. Promote your WordPress website on Twitter by tweeting regularly to earn more followers and drive more traffic.



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Plugin features:

The Technology behind Tweet Wheel:
  • Automated publishing of WordPress content on Twitter.
  • Traffic-driving ability by regular content sharing.
  • Admin-only plugin – doesn’t affect your website performance.
  • Smooth authorisation with your Twitter account using Twitter API.
  • Compatible with any post type.
  • Use of built-in WP Cron to perform sharing.
  • Bit.ly integration for links shortening and clicks tracking.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Responsive layout.
  • Automated updates.
  • Compatbile with all major browsers.
  • Easy to use and very easy to install.
  • One-click import the free version settings feature.
Post Tweeting Features:
  • Unlimited custom templates of a tweet per post.
  • Unlimited simultaneous queues
  • Posts with featured image attached to tweets as a photo card.
  • Randomized or specified templates tweeting order to avoid the repetition of tweets on your Twitter profile.
  • Built-in validation calculating templates length to meet Twitter’s 140 characters limit requirements
  • Twitter sharing on post publish or update
  • Ability to prevent a particular post from sharing on Twitter.
  • Ability to exclude a featured image from selected posts.
The Queue / Schedule Features:
  • BufferApp-like custom schedule monitoring on what days and at what times to tweet content from the Queue.
  • Possibility to change the order of tweets in the Queue.
  • Refill tool to fill up the queue with posts you want (fitler by amount, date range and post type).
  • Convenient pause / resume of the Queue – no need to deactivate the plugin.
  • Helpful “Simple View” for longer lists of tweets.
  • Option to “Tweet Now” a particular post in the Queue.
  • Looping tweets in the queue makes it go infinitely.
The Analytics Features:
  • Useful log of all tweets that have been sent out to Twitter sorted by dates.
  • Retweets counter for each tweet.
  • Favourites counter for each tweet.
  • Clicks counter for each tweet (requires active Bit.ly account).
The Health Check Features:
  • Find out what plugin version you are running.
  • Detect if WordPress cron is enabled on your installation.
  • Check if required cURL module is installed on your server.
  • Handful of other valuable information regarding your WordPress and server.

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