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Easy Way To Disable Post oEmbed on WordPress Site

How To Disable Post oEmbed on WordPress Site,features of wordpress 4.4 oembeds ,how to deactivate oembeds plugin from wordpress website and blogs
How to disable Disable Post oEmbed on WordPress Site
In this article, we will explain how to disable post oEmbed on your WordPress site.WordPress 4.4 introduced a post oEmbed feature which allows other users to embed WordPress posts into their Wordpress website by adding the post URL.

What is Post oEmbed in WordPress?

OEmbed provides  to embed content from one site to another. Lot's of popular websites like Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, etc use it.These types of Websites that allow other websites to embed their content using oEmbed protocol are called oEmbed providers.After launching WordPress 4.4, all WordPress sites using the latest version will become an oEmbed provider themselves.
wordpress 4.4 oembeds features
Now By default it's enabled on Wordpress website. This feature only allows other websites to show a small summary of your content with post title and featured image.So there is  no harm if it's activated.

Disable Post oEmbed on WordPress

To disable post oEmbed first thing you need to do is install and activate the Disable Embeds plugin. There are no settings to configure.Just activate the plugin will disable oEmbed for posts on other WordPress websites.

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