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Table of Content

Indexa - Table of Contents for WordPress

Free Download Indexa - Table of Contents for WordPress,for posts,pages and custom post types,Codecanyon interface elements wp plugin.
Free Download Indexa - Table of Contents for WordPress
Indexa is a WordPress plugin that creates a table of contents in your post, page or custom post type.
Through the settings you can insert it before the content, after the content, using a widget in your sidebars or inline in the content using a shortcode. When a link in the table is clicked, the page smoothly scrolls towards the heading. Suitable for long articles with sections, documentation, tutorials and more.



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  • Choose post, page and/or custom post type to show a table of contents
  • Specify the headings to include in the table
  • Create table automatically only if there’s a specified amount of headings
  • Set the necessary number of headings to create a table
  • Add a table of contents section header
  • Allow toggling the table of contents
  • Fluid responsive
  • Simple or nested counters in decimal or roman format
  • Choose whether to show a “back to top” button
  • Select to jump instantly to the headings or smoothly scroll the viewport towards them
  • Preserve custom heading IDs and CSS classes
  • Disable the TOC on a entry by entry basis
  • Set a custom TOC header entry by entry or set a general one
  • Includes widget and shortcode for alternative placement
  • Customize colors and position in content
  • Panel for custom CSS rules and properties so they’re preserved during upgrades or even if you change the site’s theme.
  • Advanced users can take advantage of the filters included to modify the TOC markup output

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