V2.7.6 Customized Google Maps for Wordpress Plugin

Free Download V2.7.6 Customized Google Maps for Wordpress Plugin
WordPress with custom pin-point graphics, limitless locations, tooltips on each location, and pop-up galleries, but also allows the use of ANY custom map image of your choosing, all while keeping the great zoom (2 levels of zoom with custom images, unlimited in Google Maps mode) and pan effect of Google maps!

Features of Mapify it wordpress plugin

  • Tested up to WordPress 4.2+
  • Consistently updated and maintained
  • Extensive documentation
  • Add a video to all pinpoint locations
  • Photo Gallery for all pinpoint locations
  • A custom pinpoint icon can be used on any map
  • Custom Tooltip content for each location
  • Add extensive details to each location
  • Google Maps customization: Unlock Google Maps with exciting features only found with
  • BONUS: Free Custom Map Photoshop File and optimized jpeg maps!
  • Rock-Solid framework and latest Google API integration
  • Renowned customer support
  • Control your zoom level in Google Maps and focus on a region of your choosing, at any zoom level focusing on any location you assign. *Note that this feature is while in Google Maps mode only.
  • Toggle whether you want the zoom functionality in Image Mode: This is good for those just looking for hotspots on their images. Zoom functionality supports 2 levels of zoom in custom image mode.
  • Toggle the pop-ups for each location. You specify whether or not you want each and every location to have a pop-up gallery, or just the tooltip on hover.

live demo of codecanyon V2.7.6 Customized Google Maps for WP Plugin

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