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Top 10 SEO Tips For Blogger/Blogspot

Top 10 SEO Tips For Blogger/Blogspot. learn easy trick for better search engine optimization for google first page result.
Top 10 SEO Tips For Blogger/Blogspot
This post will help you to know about how to optimize your Blogger or Blogspot website for better SEO results. This post will show you top SEO tips for Blogger or Blogspot. We all should know SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. But why is this important? SEO is very important whether it is a site or website or blog. Better SEO will make your website or blog or site viral and listed in the top of the search result and you will get free organic traffic or visitors from Search Engines. People always like see or read top results from search results.
Blogger or Blogspot blogs are not great for SEO even after it is owned by google. So if you want your blogs to be more Search Engine Optimization you can use these SEO tips for your Blogger or Blogspot.

Here SEO Tips for Blog post or Blogging

1 SEO Tips for Blogger or BlogSpot: – Meta Descriptions

You should provide Meta Description in every post you publish. Meta Descriptions are 2-3 lines description of your blog. It is good for Search Engine Optimization because it helps search engine to understand your blog in 2-3 lines. In the new Interface of Google Blogger it very easy to add a custom description. While you are publishing a new post you can simply add 2-3 lines in the description box on the right sidebar.

2 SEO Tips for Blogger or BlogSpot: – Keywords

Key words play a very important role in Search Engine Optimization. As most people only search for key words. So you should have At least 2-3% keyword density. It means if you have a blog of 500 words you can use 10 to 15 keywords from the blog. But please avoid keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing means people put so many key words in their line so your blog start becoming meaningless. It looks like reader is just reading the keywords.

3 SEO Tips for Blogger or BlogSpot: – Permalinks

Permalinks are one of the best SEO tips. It is the first thing which is seen by the Search Engine. And now BlogSpot also provide you to customize it. You should take the advantage of it. The link should be near 50 characters and explains everything about your blog. Your Permalinks should also contain some necessary keywords of your blog.

4 SEO Tips for Blogger or BlogSpot: – Post Title

This is one of the coolest SEO tips I have seen. As you have noticed that the title of your BlogSpot page is always your site title then your blog title. It should be like your blog title then your site title. So you can change it by editing your blog HTML. So the steps are
- Go to your template page in your blogger
- Take the backup of your template (BEST PRACTICE)
- Click on Edit HTML
- Search for
- Replace it with
- Save the template.

5 SEO Tips for Blogger or BlogSpot: – Images

Images help a lot in Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine doesn’t see the images they just read about the images in your like there Title and alt tag which can easily be added by clicking on the images when you are in edit mode and mention it in the property.

6 SEO Tips for Blogger or BlogSpot: – Labels

Labels are same as the keyword or not. It is very controversial. But no doubt it is very important for Search Engine Optimization. You should use proper, descriptive and unique labels for your blog. A blog should have at least 3 to 5 unique labels.

7 SEO Tips for Blogger or BlogSpot: – No-Follow

Add rel=”nofollow” tag in every external link you specify in your blog.

8 SEO Tips for Blog SEO Tips for Blogger or BlogSpot Spot: – Meta Tags

As I have told you before in tip 1 and 2 that you should specify the Meta description and keyword for every blog. So why I am mentioning it again. Now I am telling you to add Meta tags in your Blog template. The steps are
- Go to your template page in your blogger
- Take the backup of your template (BEST PRACTICE)
- Click on Edit HTML
- Description Tag
- Keyword tag
- Ad these tags to your templates and hit save.
This tag will the generic tags and a description of your blog.

9 SEO Tips for Blogger or BlogSpot: – Link Building

This is very important steps for Search Engine Optimization. As one of the biggest factors in Page Ranking is backlinks. A backlink is nothing but just a link to your site in any other site. But on which site it matters.

10 SEO Tips for Blogger or BlogSpot: – Unique Content

If you rate the Search Engine Optimization tip of all time for any site of blog this is the most important tip. If you write the Unique Content this mean people who are searching for it will definitely visit your site and Search Engines love unique contents. People may voluntarily link back to you.


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